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This is the day-to-day processing of transactions for your business, this will including posting purchase invoices, raising sales invoices, posting bank transactions and reconciling supplier statements. 

A Bookkeeper can also chase any outstanding debts with customers, being your credit control department. 

Book-keeping is a core function of the finance department, without it key information would not be entered onto your accounting system and therefore would not fully understand the costs and sales of a business. 

A key Book-keeping trait is accuracy and efficiency, processing all invoices in a timely matter so that the information can be used to inform the business. Accurately inputted to provide reliable data. 

The Book-Keeping department can prepare supplier payments, for authorisation by the management team. The Bookkeeper will have positive relationships with suppliers. 

A Book-Keeping will be process driven, if there is an authorisation process, the bookkeeper will stick to this process. 

Your Bookkeeper will deal with and solve any queries from suppliers, or customers. They will be a point of contact for the business with suppliers and customers. 

A Bookkeeper will be qualified, or have several years’ experience, and be able to contribute effectively to the business, being a reliable and dependable function. A key function to a business. 

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